Nikita Kholin portrait

Nikita Kholin

👨‍💻Ruby Backend Developer at Talkable
🖋️Love Writing about software development
📚Applied Mathematics Student at Kiev Politechnic Institute
🔬Data Science Enthusiast
🎧Music Addict


  • Back end: Ruby (Rails, Sinatra), Python (Flask, Django)
  • Front end: HTML, CSS, JS, React
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Data Science: scikit-learn, numpy, pandas
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Heroku
  • Version control: Git, GitHub

Work experience

Talkable - Ruby Backend Engineer (Product team)

March 2017 - Present

Talkable is a SaaS referral marketing platform with 30,000 RPM and 2TB sharded database

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, AWS, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, React


  • Artchitect and develop new features
  • Code review for other team members
  • Bug fixing
  • Customer Services Team support



  • Applied Mathematics Bachelors at Kyiv Polytechnic institute
  • Machine learning course from Andrew NG
  • Applied Machine Learning course
  • DataRootUniversity
  • Kottans FE course
  • Kottans Ruby course